Slug Test Analysis

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Slug Test Analysis tool is for estimating the hydraulic conductivity of saturated geologic materials.  This tool is based on the Hvorslev (1951) slug recovery test (see Freeze and Cherry 1979, p340).  The test is intended for use in confined aquifers although may be extended to unconfined aquifers in many cases.  Search the internet for "Hvorslev slug test analysis method" for further information.


The Slug Test Analysis tool has been tested for accuracy using datasets from different slug tests and compared to other analysis approaches.  If users find or suspect errors with this tool, please contact WWLA.  Every effort has been made by WWLA to ensure the tool is error free, however, despite our best efforts, the possibility exists that there are errors in the tool. The distribution of the tool does not constitute any warranty by WWLA, and no responsibility is assumed by WWLA in connection therewith.


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