• Soil Moisture Water Balance Irrigation Model

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    Soil Moisture Water Balance Irrigation Model (SMWBM_IRRI)


      A lite version of the Soil Moisture Water Balance Model (SMWBM) that is specifically designed for paddock scale irrigation scheduling analysis.  The model utilises the same pameters as the full SMWBM, with additional parameters that define the irrigation scheduling rules, application rates and crop factor.  The model has a built in optimiser for automatically determining the most efficient irrigation application rate.  This is defined as the peak application rate that meets the irrigation criteria and maintains soil moisture levels above the plants wilting point, while minimising water usage and hence water losses to the environment.


      You are welcome to download the software from our secure server and participate in a 14-day trial with full functionality. 


      Following the trial period you have a choice of either discontinuing use of the software or purchasing a 12-month (annual) subscription.


      All WWLA software is provided on a "use at own risk basis".  While WWLA have made every endeavour to ensure the calculations performed in the software are accurate, the user must satisfy themselves of this.  It is anticipated that users of WWLA software will be academically trained scientists, engineers and planners, and that normal industry standards and work checking protocols will be exercised in the use and application of the software.


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