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Jaide Derbyshire
Jaide Derbyshire

Intermediate Hydrologist and Spatial Scientist

Jaide is an Intermediate Hydrologist and Spatial Scientist with experience in hydraulic modelling and flood risk management in the UK. She has a BSc. in Environmental Earth Science from Aberystwyth University (UK) and a MSc. in Exploration and Environmental Geoscience from Lulea University (Sweden). Jaide joined WWLA in 2023 having relocated from the UK.

Jaide previously worked for a Lead Local Flood Authority that involved designing and assessing drainage strategies, and for an environmental consultancy to assess storm overflows using hydraulic model builds and calibration. Jaide also has experience working as an Exploration Geologist in rural Sweden, where tasks included collecting water, soil, and rock samples. Throughout her education and career, Jaide has gained extensive experience using Infoworks ICM, QGIS, ArcGIS, and MapInfo.

Jaide also has experience as a spatial scientist which involves acquiring, analysing, and interpreting geospatial data to support our various projects across New Zealand.

In her free time, Jaide enjoys hiking and mushing with her Siberian Husky. She also enjoys baking, cooking, knitting, crochet, and sewing

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