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Introducing WWLA Drilling Services

Updated: Jun 20, 2022

We are extremely excited about our new venture - WWLA Drilling Services ( - but are also under no illusions about the challenges in front of us. We concluded that the potential benefits to our clients far outweigh the risks.

Our new venture aims to provide a high quality, client focussed drilling service, delivered in a timely manner. As consultants, we realise this is of high importance for our clients, particularly related to property due diligence for groundwater supplies and geotechnical investigation underpinning infrastructure design.

Our offering is unique in NZ in that our drillers are supported by an inhouse hydrogeological and geophysical investigation team that can provide expert analysis and conceptual understanding of the subsurface conditions. The benefits to clients is that we will be able identify drilling prospects in advance of drilling, scientifically and objectively explain the likelihood of achieving the project objectives in advance based on anticipated ground conditions, and as drilling progresses. This enables clients to make informed decision on whether a project should proceed in the manner intended, or/and when to continue or stop drilling.

Please call if you are interested in discussing your project requirements and whether we can assist you achieve your goals.

Download PDF • 21.15MB

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