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Laila Alkamil – NZPI Full Membership

Congratulations to Senior Planner Laila Alkamil who has recently achieved her full membership with the New Zealand Planning Institute (NZPI).

To become a full member Laila needed to undergo a panel interview and assessment of previous practice.  Full members must demonstrate competency in several different areas which include Professionalism, integrity and ethics, Communication and engagement, Critical evaluation skills and Contribution and ongoing commitment to the profession.  It also includes Understanding and working with NZ planning frameworks and Māori values and perspectives.

For WWLA clients, Laila says that achieving full NZPI membership translates to trust and an assurance that the company’s planning services are adhering to a high standard.

“For me, having full membership means I am backed by the institute to navigate complex regulatory frameworks and provide sustainable and innovative solutions for our clients”.

Laila is a very dedicated planner and a highly valued member of the WWLA team, and becoming a full member is a testament to this.

Congratulations Laila, it's great having you on the team!

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