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Zhe Zhang (John)
Zhe Zhang (John)

Software Developer

Zhe, originally from Shanghai, China, is the Senior Software Developer and IT Administrator of WWLA.

Zhe has worked in software development field for 18 years before getting the Postgraduate Diploma of Computing in UNITEC, then joined WWLA in 2019.

Zhe is an experienced developer on both desktop application and cloud service, with C#, Python, JavaScript etc. With an attention to detail and a love for continuous learning, he is passionate about producing clean user interfaces that provide intuitive user experiences with modern computer languages. He comes from an Agile development background and loves how this way of working can truly bring out the best in a team for delivering results in an efficient manner.

In his spare time, Zhe enjoys spending time with his family, going hiking and camping to experience the beauty of nature, and indulging in his interests of movies and video games.


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