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Nick Jowsey
Nick Jowsey

Intermediate Hydrogeologist

Nick is an Intermediate Hydrogeologist at WWLA.

He has a Professional Masters degree in Engineering Geology (Distinction) from the University of Canterbury, and has a diverse background in high performance sport (cycling), sport coaching/ advising, and environmental advisory roles on major infrastructure projects. He joined WWLA in January 2021.

Nick has a broad "generalist" skill set derived from his diverse background. His key competencies are in field investigations, such as running test pump exercises, undertaking analytical tasks, such as modelling, report writing, and working with clients to deliver cost-effective, tailored advice and solutions.

Nick particularly enjoys hands-on site investigation work, being part of multidisciplinary teams, and focussing on projects that make a difference to New Zealand communities (i.e., water supplies).

In his spare time, Nick enjoys a wide range of outdoor sports, including road cycling, mountain biking, sea swimming, and running. He also enjoys road-tripping, building, cooking, and playing guitar.

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