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Jack Breitowich

Jack Breitowich

Intermediate Environmental Scientist and Geospatial Analyst

Jack joined WWLA as an Intermediate Environmental Scientist and Geospatial Analyst in June 2024.

Before joining WWLA he spent two years in the electrical and gas utility industry in Chicago, IL, specialising in electrical and civil design using GIS and CAD software.

His academic background includes a Master's degree in Geospatial Intelligence from the University of Southern California (2024), and a Bachelor's degree in Geography from Colgate University (2022).

Jack's strengths include GIS design, CAD drafting and design, data analysis, and project management. His creative problem-solving skills enable him to approach challenges with innovative solutions. Additionally, he has a keen interest in fieldwork and in particular using geospatial intelligence and remote sensing techniques (e.g. LiDAR, planimetrics, aerial water flow survey), using unmanned aerial vehicles and drone piloting for site surveys. These skills will be gladly employed by our water resources and contaminated land teams.

Outside of his professional pursuits, Jack is a private aircraft pilot and enjoys ice hockey, scuba diving, and travelling.

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