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New Starter - Chad Selbert

New Starter We are proud to announce that Chad Selbert has recently joined WWA as a Water Resource Scientist. Chad has just relocated from Brisbane where he worked for the past year for the Bureau of Meteorology as a Hydrologist. Prior to that Chad completed a Bachelor of Science in Geology and Water Resources at the State University of New York at Brockport, and participated in the Study Abroad programme with the University of Canterbury, where he undertook research on earthquake damages influenced by soil strength and water table depths. However what really struck our interests during the recruitment process was Chad's "Other Experience", which included a paleontology internship at the Wyoming Dinosaur Centre (USA) and a sabbatical to the Storm Chasing Program on the US Central Plains area. Sounds cool aye? We welcome Chad and wish him all the best for a successful and interesting career progression at WWA.

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