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WWLA Supports Predator Free NZ

WWLA are supporting Predator Free NZ by monitoring a local trap line next to our Kumeu office. The trap line is run by local initiative Pest Free Kumeu-Huapai.

Currently, New Zealand is experiencing a biodiversity crisis. We have the highest rate of threatened indigenous species in the world. The aim of this initiative is to make New Zealand predator free by 2050 to allow the native wildlife to thrive again.

Our team received a hands-on training session from colleague Lauren, who has been working with Pest free Kumeu-Huapai and Predator Free Muriwai and Waimauku for 2 years. The trap line will be monitored once a week and relevant information uploaded to the app to aid in research and funding.

As an environmental consultancy we are always looking for positive ways in which we can contribute to our community, and we also get the added bonus of a nice walk with friends at lunch time.

If you are interested in learning more about Predator Free NZ, then check out their website for further information and how to get involved:

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