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WWLA Welcomes Chris Frost & Opens Kaikohe Office

We are very pleased to announce that Chris Frost has joined WWLA as our Primary Industry Infrastructure Advisor. Chris and WWLA have a long history of working together, servicing farmers and growers, albeit in slightly different technical areas for the past 5 years.

Chris has a background in Civil Engineering, providing skills and expertise that are being successfully applied to primary industry sector developments such as water storage, orchard developments and protected cropping operations.

Chris has a personal passion for assisting Māori, farmers and growers in efficient and sustainable use of their natural resources. Chris previously worked for WSP-Opus in Whangarei, the South Island and Perth.

Commensurate with Chris joining us, we have opened an office at 19 Broadway Kaikohe, where we are co-habitating with the Ngapuhi Asset Holding Company. The office location, in the heart of Tai Tokerau (Northland), enables easier access to our rapidly increasing client base.

With Chris joining the company, it strengthens our ability to communicate more regularly and effectively with our Tai Tokerau clients, and to support them further towards achieving their aspirations. We are extremely excited about the projects before us, many of which involve identifying mechanisms to enhance community well-being through more effective utilisation of the region’s land and water resources within sustainable limits.

Note about WWLA.

WWLA is an employee owned, niche water and land consultancy firm that provides science, engineering and planning advice on hydrological, hydrogeological, primary sector and contaminated land use and development projects.

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