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Matawii Water Reservoir Opening

The Matawii reservoir, developed by Tai Tokerau Water Trust, was officially opened on 23 May 2023 after three years of work. This is the first of three planned water storage schemes as part of the Northland Water Storage and Use Project to be completed. When full, the reservoir will hold 750,000 cubic metres of water, equivalent to 300 Olympic-sized swimming pools. The water stored will be taken from streams during high to flood flows, for later use in drier periods.

Regional Development Minister Kiritapu Allan said “The water storage projects will pump new life into these districts. As a result of the flood-and-drought cycle in Te Tai Tokerau, there needed to be a reliable water source to unlock the potential of the region’s land, which has rich soils and an incredible climate for horticulture”.

The Government introduced fast-tracking legislation to help with the Covid-19 recovery and the Matawii reservoir was the first project to be approved.

WWLA was responsible for project managing the team of consultants involved in the preliminary design phase and overall RMA consenting of the project. We were also the masterminds behind the Hydrological Assessment of the streams take, and dam storage volumes. In addition, our Contaminated Land Team undertook a Preliminary Site Investigations (PSI) within the footprint of the dam.

The Northland Water Storage Project is one of the largest projects WWLA has worked on, and our involvement in its success is a testament to the teamwork of both our Team and Partners.

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