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WWLA Celebrates the year!

The WWLA team got together last week to celebrate another great year of hard work and achievements.

Our wonderful team is what makes us so special and during the year we had lots to celebrate. We welcomed new starters Alistair Bradford, Chris Simpson, Nicola Cowely, Jaide Derbyshire and Mya Mobberley . We celebrated 5 year anniversaries for Jake Scherberg, Zhe Zhang, Wendi Williamson and Josh Mawer, and 3 year anniversary for Pen Lindsay.

We announced two new shareholders Shane Moore and Chris Simpson and opened a Bay of Plenty office, headed up by Josh Mawer. We also reached the incredible milestone of 1,000 projects. As you can tell 2023 was a pretty busy year.

The team went out to play Disc Golf at the local Woodhill Forest, whilst the weather did not play ball, we had a great time with the amazing instructors Chris and Libby from Disc Shop. We then warmed up by the fireplace at Settlers, where we had a delicious meal in a great venue.

It was great for the team to get together and have some fun outside of the office. Everyone has worked incredibly hard this year and deserved a good celebration.

Thanks to everyone for being so awesome, we really are lucky to have such an incredible team!

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